Axbridge Neighbourhood Plan Objectives

The key objectives for the Axbridge Neighbourhood Plan are to:

  • Preserve the character of Axbridge as an attractive medieval town adjoining an area of outstanding natural beauty
  • Retain a distinct community, protect and cherish the natural and physical heritage and townscape
  • Meet local housing needs in a manner commensurate with the character of the designated area during the period of the plan
  • Ensure a flourishing commercial, retail business and economic environment
  • Provide a successful marketing and tourism profile for the designated area
  • Facilitate the needs of residents in the areas of education, health, leisure, recreation, sport and transport
  • Work to increase the sustainability of Axbridge.
  • Ensure that Axbridge is a good place to live with facilities for young and old alike
  • Maintain and protect the natural environment and availability of green spaces within the designated parish boundaries