Second consultation results

The 178 questionnaires that were returned by the end of April 2018 have been collated and the findings for each question can be looked at HERE.  We've also included a copy of the questionnaire and accompanying leaflet so that the questions and answers can be tied in if needed. 

You might like to compare the results of this survey with those of the previous one (January 2017). The age groups of the respondents are similar and in both cases younger Axbridge residents are underrepresented and older people are overrepresented in the survey sample.

The preferences for most of the zones in this survey echo the previous data although the areas are not by any means identical.  Zones 1 and 2 (shown previously as part of Zone A) were, as before, the least preferred for development.  Zones 4 and 5 (similar to Zones D and E) were once again clearly preferred.  Zone 3 (much of which was shown previously as Zone C) has changed from being least preferred in the previous survey to being one of the most preferred. There is a wide range of comments for each zone which give a picture of respondents’ reasons and reservations.

We’re pleased to see that there is generally strong support for the aims, objectives and policies and to receive some very helpful comments. Some additional comments were sent by email or letter or on questionnaires that couldn’t be entered for analysis because of lack of a postcode.

We hope that you find the results interesting.  In June 2018 an update newsletter was distributed in Axbridge and can be read HERE.  All comments on the process, the analyses or the findings will be very welcome.  Please get in touch with any member of the planning group.