The Neighbourhood Planning Group

In a neighbourhood area, such as Axbridge, which includes the region covered by a town council, that council is responsible for neighbourhood planning.  So Axbridge Town Council is the organisation (known as the qualifying body) responsible for the preparation and presentation of the Axbridge Neighbourhood Plan.

The Town Council has agreed key objectives for the Plan and set up a Neighbourhood Planning Group to manage the process of developing a plan as set out in the objectives. The Group reports regularly to the Town Council to check progress.

The aim of the Group is to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for Axbridge that lays out the policy priorities identified by the community. The process aims to be:

  • inclusive – offering the opportunity for everyone who lives or works in Axbridge to participate
  • comprehensive – identifying all the important aspects of life in Axbridge for which a plan for the future is needed
  • positive – bringing forward proposals to improve the quality of life in the Axbridge.